Teaching and Workshops

JB currently teaches Writing Composition and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, and holds a teaching certificate in Online and Hybrid Teaching from the Rutgers University TA Project. JB is available for lectures and workshops on a variety of topics including selfie culture, visual studies of violence, critical Holocaust and memory studies, zine-making, and comics. Email JB at j.brager.art@gmail.com to inquire about booking.

Their independently taught and designed courses include:

  • Feminist Theory: Historical Perspectives
  • The Gendered Body: Horror & The Grotesque 
  • Gender & Science
  • Women, Culture, and Society
  • Expository Writing

They have assisted in teaching courses that include

  • The Graphic Novel
  • Chilean Literature, Democracy and Social Change
  • Form and Theory of Creative Writing (Fiction)
  • Introduction to Cultural Theory and the Study of Popular Culture(s)

Their invited lectures include:

  • The Selfie and the Other: Reading Viral Images in the War on Terror at PHOTOBOMB in the Humanities in Public series at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England
  • In the Gutter: A Super-Quick Intro to Writing and Drawing Comics at the Chicago Zinefest in Chicago, Illinois
  • The Past, Present, and Potential of Queer Zines at Red Emma’s Bookstore in Baltimore, Maryland.
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.39.38 PM
From the PHOTOBOMB workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015.
From the PHOTOBOMB workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015, with Adi Kuntsman.