JB Brager

JB Brager is a PhD candidate in Women’s & Gender Studies at Rutgers University. They also draw comics and work as an illustrator.

Their scholarship has appeared in the International Journal of Communication, The Holocaust in History and Memory, and The New Inquiry.  Their comics and work on comics appears in the Jewish Comix Anthology, The Black Warrior Review, Shareable Magazine, The LA Review of Books, and Apiary Magazine

JB also teaches university courses, facilitates workshops, and gives lectures on subjects that include comics and zines, social media and photography, and human rights and genocide studies. In the past, they have lead programs at the University of Maryland, Rutgers University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Red Emma’s Bookstore, Chicago Zinefest, and have presented at conferences including the American Studies Association, National Women’s Studies Association, and Cultural Studies Association annual conferences.

For inquiries related to teaching, scholarship, and programs, email brager.jrb@gmail.com. For art related inquiries, please contact j.brager.art@gmail.com.

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